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OLDS Elevator - a new conveyor for bulk materials

An awarded alternative to pneumatic conveyors, conventional screw conveyors and augers, discs and cables, belts and bucket elevators is providing users with a proven return on investment through energy and maintenance savings.

The new 'static screw' operating principle is more efficient and gentler because the laws of physics work together with more harmony and synergy. This Patented Australian invention is now manufactured under license around the world because it's safer, simpler and superior.

Industry peers state;-

  • "Quite simply this new method will perform the duty that no other conveyor method can. It's a breakthrough."
  • "We now have a new tool. Performance is more predictable, more reliable, more product friendly, more product tolerant and much less maintenance prone than conventional elevators."
  • "What a unique device this is. Imagine replacing a bucket elevator with something that won't break down, is unaffected by material temperature, can handle wet or damp product and only has one moving part... brilliant, read on!"
  • "Mitigating dust, noise, fire and explosion hazards, the Olds Elevator is an important development for Workplace Health and Safety that will prevent loss of life"

It's as simple as A B C

Attached to the rotating casing are in feed scoops.
Bulk material rotates along the static screw like a nut moving on a bolt.
Conveying is gentler, more efficient, virtually dust free and safer.

Archimedes' screw works stationary!

The OLDS static screw principle has synergy with the laws of physics and therefore does more with less.

Simultaneously elevate, heat or cool, meter and process in one.

Mitigates dust explosion and fire risks because it operates fully flooded and suppresses dust.

Provides a flame barrier up and downstream.

Idea for feeding filter cake into exhaust gas streams for drying process.

Ideal for high temperature conveying and elevating.

Ideal for dense abrasives and difficult materials.

Gentle on all materials.

Quiet in operation.

Hygienic - bearings and seals are external and do not contact the conveyed material.

No metal on metal contact.

Space saving, minimum footprint, vertical or angle operation.

For extreme temperatures and conditions.

Accurate volumetric feeding.

Proven return on investment through energy and maintenance savings.

NEW OLDS Technology - Safe Simple Superior Solutions

Free videotaped test of your product being elevated. Trial this new tool today. Olds Elevators available for demo or hire. ENQUIRE

Winner- Innovative Technology Award 2006. 
Finalist - Dust Control Technology, Application and Practice 2008. 
Finalist - Best Practice OH&S 2008.

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Patented worldwide. More Patent Applications and Patents Pending. Enquiries about licencing this new technology are welcome.


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